October 30, 2009

Kaden the Ninja

About a month ago I asked Kaden what he wanted to be for Halloween. He took me right to the computer and showed me a picture of this ninja guy from one of his video games.

Kaden:"Pleeeeaaassssse!!!! I really, REALLY want to be this ninja warrior Sasuke." I never even heard of this crazy ninja guy! But, being a nice Grama...I got everything I needed to sew the main costume and match the picture Kaden showed me. We went on ebay and ordered the robe (so it would be exactly right) from CHINA (yes, I said China!) and the exact Sasuke wig. Never have I ever ordered anything from China! He checked the mail almost daily until it finally got here. Yesterday everything had finally arrived. I got it all ready for him to take to his school Halloween party. And then Kaden said, " I don't think I want to wear my costume to school." After about fainting I said, " excuse me, are you kidding!!!!" Kaden: "I think I might be too embarrassed"... Calmly well, kinda calmly I said, " But... Kaden, it is so cool and well, we went to alot of work to get this costume... and well, I think you look so awesome in it!" I think finally today after a lot of coaxing he finally thinks it's cool too.
Boys. are. way. different. than. girls.
What I really think is that we will go to Target next year.


JENNIE! said...

that is the COOLEST costume ever!!! You are a nutball Kado! I am talking Jackson into being it next year!

kristenita said...

haha, I love it!! you are awesome, Linda. the costume is amazing & I'm glad you got him to wear it to school.

Jessica said...

That costume is awesome! You are the coolest Grama. I wish I could sew and be creative like that!