June 26, 2008

Nintendo DS Crazy Boys...

So, this summer has been awesome so far... even though all the kiddos are eating me out of house and home, I hear "I'm bored" all day long!, and these boys are video game CRAZED! Yesterday I told them that they had to go out and swim (rough life I know) because they had been playing video games long enough. They did for a little while... then later I said "OK you boys go out and jump on the trampoline or play baseball or something!" It was a little too quiet and so I went out to check on them and this is what I found... Ahhhhhh! I have decided to start putting the timer on and when it goes off...no more video games!

They are just so dang cute!...I usually give in. Oh well, what are Grandma's for?

1 comment:

susan bunker said...

grandma's are totally for giving in...at least that's what i believe! and lauren knows all ready!