April 12, 2008

So You Think YOU Can Dance...

Taylor sure can!! She is the cutest seven year old dancer on the planet! Today was another dance competition and Taylor's team took home two first place trophies. Yea TayTay!

Jennie, Chad, Taylor and Kate... I am lucky I got this picture since Jennie hates having her picture taken when she is pregnant! We are all excited for this little boy to get here the end of June... Jackson was at his baseball game, even though I know he would have much rather been watching his sister dance...OK maybe not.


kristenita said...

love those kids!
and tell jennie SHE LOOKS GOOD PREGNANT - REALLY!! :) way to go taylor. I only wish we lived closer to vegas. dang.

love kristen (jennie's BYU/DR buddy)

suzanne said...

that is a pretty fancy costume. and i love the make up! :)

Melody B. said...

That's so stinkin' cute! I cannot WAIT to put Hailey in dance this fall!