August 5, 2014

Duck Creek

 Thanks to our dear friends Jan and Derrick, Allyn and I were able to go to Duck Creek for a few days and enjoy long walks, long talks, and needed time to talk about joys, blessings and yes heartaches. We miss Leah, Caleb and Amber so much it hurts everyday. Sometimes, we just need to get away and cry together and remember. It's healing to remember good times, and all of the sweet memories. We don't understand or know why things happen the way they do, but what we do know is that we love the Lord, and we trust in God's promises. 
We will keep moving forward each day, loving, giving and remembering. 

Jennie brought a few of the kids up for a couple of days and I loved taking them horse back riding!! We had a blast!!! Definitely something we have to do again!!

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