December 18, 2013

Grandkids Sleepover 2013

The Grandkids Sleepover was fabulous...oh, how I love these kiddos! 
And while cute Mr. Asher didn't get to spend the night yet for the sleepover, I just had to post this sweet, heart melting pic:) Is he adorable or what?!
For the sleepover, we: went to the movies, ordered pizza, went to the live nativity, made gingerbread houses, watched a movie with popcorn, had treats and hot chocolate, played Killer Uno, opened presents, had crepes for breakfast:) And I think I'm leaving out a few things...haha! 
The kids have really come to love this tradition, and that makes this grandma happy!
Taylor's cute friend Chloe joined us this year...I asked her mom if we could just keep her:):)
Frozen was sooo great!
And this was the moment at the nativity when Mary and Joseph recognized Levi:) 
This was our first sleepover without Caleb... we all cried a few tears, and talked about him a lot and how much we missed him. He LOVED the sleepover and talked about it all year. 
He liked every single thing we did and brought such joy and happiness. 
I'll bet Caleb was in charge of the sleepover in heaven this year:)

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