April 3, 2013


More random pics that have been hanging out on my desktop:)
We had a wonderful time a the beach with these two cuties last month...
Olivia gave an original poem at school...She is such a great writer!!
"You are my love, You are my light
You are the brightest of the night
I love you, you love me
And this is how it is supposed to be! 
This is a Valentine poem, and it is only for you
We have a love that belongs together
And this is what I do...
Life can be easy, Life can be hard
But for both me and you, 
Life is a Valentine poem."
Having Taylor and Kaden play basketball and cheer for Rogich this year was such a blast!!!
More trophies for the shelf... Kaden's NJB basketball team took 2nd place in the championship. 
They lost by 1 in double overtime!! They really had a great season. The whole family came to support. 
Jackson came straight from his baseball game!
And yep, it's time for spring football... Go Ravens! So far, they are undefeated:) 4 and 0
Last week end at Jackson's baseball tournament the score was 0-4 for the other team, when slugger Jackson got up to bat. He hit an over the fence home run with 2 on base!!!!!
They went on to win that game and win the whole tournament! Woot Hoot!!!

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