February 22, 2010

Memory Monday 4

Our family has always loved going to the beach...who doesn't? This picture brought back great memories of the summer of '93 at Laguna Beach. It was so fun to have cousins Stevie, Jacklyn and Tara come and spend the day at the beach and then after a long day of body surfing, boogie boarding, Chinese checker playing, tanning,
& sand castle making.... enjoy dinner & fabulous shakes at Ruby's Diner.
Leah, Amy, Allyson, Tara, Stevie, Jaclyn, Jennie and Amber...fun times.


the heiner family said...

Ooo! I always loved being a tag-along on the Laguna trips! That is such a great picture!

susan bunker said...

I love your Memory Monday photos! What a fun idea! What a gorgeous family!