November 16, 2009


Friday night Caleb, Olivia and Kate got to have their very own sleepover. They were so excited and cute.
We loved having them!...
(even though their 6am giggling and running through the house wake up call was a bit early Saturday morning!)

Caleb and Livie got to go with us to Kaden's game. They were his biggest fans and loved cheering for him.

Kaden was very happy to play without a cast for the first time this season. He scored two touchdowns and a two point conversion. The best play of the game though was when Kaden handed it off to Malakai, the littlest kid on the team, and then protected him and blocked for him as Malakai ran down the field and scored his first touchdown. Kaden threw his arms up in the air and cheered for him like they had just won the championship!
It was awesome!!!

Thanks for the fun sleepover... We love you! XOXOXO

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the heiner family said...

I cannot believe how much Olivia looks like Leah! I LOVE it! She takes me back to such a fun time!