May 19, 2008

A snake named Gary.

Yes, it is true, we have a new snake at our house. This is a new experience for this grandma....having all girls, we had kittens and dogs, never rodents, and definitely not snakes. Since Kaden lives with us four days a week, and he wanted to take his snake to school today, Kaden and his dad brought Gary the snake to our house. It is a corn snake and does not bite, thank goodness...but it is still slithery and a little creepy. And besides that you have to feed it frozen baby mice once a week!!!
The kids all came over yesterday, and Kate declared, "I don't like snakes!" But after all the kids took turns holding it, she decided she liked him, but still did not want to hold it. That's my girl Kate. This morning when we went to get the cage ready to take to school, Gary was no where to be found! My heart stopped for a minute until Grampa Al found Gary hiding under all the straw stuff in the cage. This raising boys adventure is way different than raising girls!


susan bunker said...

Holy Nellie!!! lost snakes, lost "hissing roaches", these things make it hard to sleep at night :). you are such a wonderful grandmother!

Allison Barnes said...

I remember one of my brothers having a big black snake and it got out...we never found it! I couldn't sleep for about a month... my mom convinced us it went out the window... Yuck! I hate snakes!! You are a very nice grandma. I hope it's going back to his dad's house!

Kathy's Boys said...

Welcome to my world (boys!) well, we actually never
had snakes, but we had plenty of other stuff!!! Kaden
is doing sooo great at Baseball this year. I'm so glad
he's on our team and we get to visit. I had to sit
out in the grass for the last game because it was so
hot. Tell Kaden we think he is an awesome baseball
player! Love ya

Anonymous said...

Oh my! I always said I'd never have a snake in my house! I guess I should never say never! You are such a good and sweet grama!! I think I'm with Kate though on this one!

Melody B. said...

No Gary...I'm with Kate! Who named him...what a funny name!